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´╗┐The Excitement of the 17th Week of Pregnancy The 17th week of pregnancy is perhaps the most exciting week of your pregnancy. This is because this is the usual time when you first start feeling the little life that is growing inside you. This starts off as little fluttering movements as the baby starts moving in the uterus. At first you may not even notice them but as they become more frequent, you will unconsciously place your hand on your stomach to see if you can feel anything. If you do have on extra weight, you may not feel it at this point, but you can be looking for it. Those who are slimmer may actually feel movement before nfl football live the 17th week. The baby also has brown fat deposits under the skin to help maintain nfl picks week 4 the normal body temperature. nfl week 2 schedule It has grown so that it is now about 5 inches long and weighs about five ounces. The ears are almost fully formed and the eyes look to the side. This is usually the time when you have your first ultrasound to get a shadowy glimpse of your baby. The doctor can hear the heartbeat and will let you listen to it when you visit for your regular checkup. As for you, you will start finding it harder to walk in nfl stream high heels and prefer flat shoes instead. This is because your feet will get tired more easily, especially if you have to do a lot of standing or walking at work. You may also notice an increase in vaginal discharge, and this is nothing to be alarmed about because it is quite normal. One of the things nfl team logos expectant moms say about nfl tickets exchange being 17 weeks pregnant is that they start feeling less glamorous and do not want to take the time to dress up or put on makeup. You should take pride in your pregnancy as at this stage you actually do have a glow about you that is evident to others. Your stomach is getting bigger and you can no longer nfl power rankings week 12 fit into your clothes. With the many new styles in maternity clothing available, you can really dress up and show off your growing belly. It is safe to engage in sexual activity and since all the nfl ranking morning sickness is over, you will find that you have a renewed interest in lovemaking. You also have more energy and are able to do most of the activities that you were too tired to do in the first trimester. You should take walks to firm up your muscles, but you should also make sure you get enough rest. Relaxing after work with a glass of milk or in the afternoon with a cold glass of lemonade is the perfect way to enjoy being pregnant. Your breasts will also get larger and you may even have to buy a larger size bra. The area around your nipples will also start to become dark and this is perfectly natural and to be expected. You may start having strange cravings for food as well, which may be junk food. There is nothing wrong with eating junk food once in a while, but you should endeavour to have eat healthy foods.
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The Minnesota chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association and its members, who work at many different Minnesota law firms, are dedicated to advancing the rights of workers by providing information, education, and advocacy on behalf of employees.


If you have questions about whether your employer has treated you illegally, you may click here for a directory of attorneys who are members of Minnesota NELA. Our primary focus is representing employees like you.  MN-NELA member attorneys are more than willing to take the time to discuss your particular situation.   


We are a professional organization of attorneys who represent plaintiffs in employment matters.  MN-NELA meets regularly and provides support, education, and camaraderie to its attorney members. We use our collective energy and clout to advocate for our clients and our profession.  Click here for information about joining our group.


Click here for the member directory.

Click here for the Members Only Googlesite, which contains our brief bank, access to the listserv and other organizational information.


The information and services provided by Minnesota NELA on this web site are not intended to be relied upon as legal advice, but are provided strictly for information and education purposes. Employment law is an especially complicated area and the facts of any particular employment situation will have an impact upon how the law is applied to that situation.

If you have questions or require legal advice, then you should retain or talk to an attorney for that purpose.
Please note, MN-NELA is not a law firm and makes no representation about the legal services provided by its member attorneys.

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